International Tactics Series- Individual Defending

In Soccer, the primary strategic objective is to score more goals than the opponent in the time allotted to play. Therefore, the primary strategy of the team in possession is to shoot. The primary strategies of the team not in possession are to prevent a goal and regain possession. This series explores tactical choices available to attackers, defenders and supporting players. Tactical behaviors are not based on any pre-arranged scheme. These decisions are based on what the opponent is doing. An attacking player sees a defender and looks for something that will achieve penetration which that defender will not be able to stop that instant. The defender must look at the game from the attackers point of view, determine what the attacker will do next and then tries to stop it. In tactical training emphasis is on helping the players to make more effective decisions and to make those decisions quickly enough so that they retain their effectiveness. The coach will focus his corrections on the players ability to see and interpret the visual cues on which these decisions are based.
Individual Tactics: Defending
Defending Tactics
Fair challenges
Defending attackers with/without the ball
Visual Cues
Closing Down
The Vital Area
Considerations in the 3 thirds of the field

Running Time: 47 minutes
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