Keeping Secrets Soccer Goalkeeping

Jeff Duback, former Collegiate Goalkeeper of The Year, former U.S. Olympic Team Goalkeeper and former U.S. National Team Goalkeeper shares his secrets on training and techniques in ‘Keeping Secrets’, a practical easy to follow video clinic that will make average keepers good, and good keepers great.
For the beginner interested in skill development, for the serious player seeking to take his or her place in the elite circles of the keepers club, or the coach who wants to teach the keepers right, Keeping secrets is a must. Sections include:

Get Ready. Warm up techniques to help you mentally and physically
Get Fit. All the excercises you need
The Inside Edge. Jeff Duback’s own advanced keeping techniques
Get In There. Training drills designed to help you learn, master and refresh the basic skills of a successful keeper.

Running Time: 56 minutes