Methods For Teaching Attacking Soccer- The 6v6 Method

Methods For Teaching Attacking Soccer- The NSCAA 6v6 Model covers three methods for teaching soccer tactics in attacking play: Coaching In The Game Methodology, Progressive soccer Methodology and Small Sided soccer Games to teach tactics.

In the first section, using the concept of Coaching In The Game Methodology, the coach will learn how to train a soccer team’s attacking tactical understanding through using a 6v6 format with very active play and start positions allowing maximum touches on the ball to simulate the reality of moving from one third of the field to another.

The Progressive Methodology section begins with possession games and moves all the way to a realistic soccer game with two large goals with goalkeepers. This section features the use of the 4v2 to teach penetrating passes, and the 5v3 to teach changing the point of attack. In this section the coach learns to move the training of attacking tactics from simple to complex and from clarity to reality in a progressive fashion.

In the Small-sided Games section the soccer coach learns how to design and implement free flowing and realistic games for teaching specific topics in the attack- penetration, possession, runs off the ball and where and when to run off the ball. The coach also learns to use these games to teach the principles of attack: width, depth, mobility and penetration

Running Time: 100 minutes