NSCAA Soccer Coaches Guide 8-12 Year Olds- coaching youth soccer

The National Soccer Coaches Association of America is pleased to present this collection of sessions and activities to use while coaching youth soccer players. NSCAA staff coaches provide demonstrations of many different activities coaches can use to teach young players the skills they need to learn to play the game of soccer and have fun at the same time.

It is vital at this age group that coaches are patient, knowledgeable and skilled at providing exercises that are fun,but also have a repetitive element to them, helping to ingrain habits the players will need as they progress in their soccer journey.

Training sessions include:

  • Dribbling moves
  • Passing and spacing
  • Shooting
  • Small sided games
  • 4v4
  • 6v6
  • Tackling
  • Unbalanced number games

Running Time: 70 minutes
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